When Julius Malema was ANC Youth League president, he often made dangerous speeches that went beyond good manners.

He was rude, abusive and insulting. No matter how much South Africans tried to get used to his behaviour, he always found new ways to shock them.

He once told black people to produce more babies so they wouldn’t lose their majority status! This in a society where desperate young mums abandon and kill their babies. As we speak, millions of children depend on the child support grant for their survival.

Malema was never reined in by the ANC leadership as leader of the youth. Instead, they made excuses for him, saying he was still developing.

What everyone knew then was he could not be contained because he was the battering ram for senior leaders.

But Malema is no longer the leader of a youth wing but the fully fledged head of a major, fast-growing political party, the third-biggest in South Africa.

He’s taken seriously by both South Africans. His growth in status has a lot to do with the impact the EFF has had on political maturity.

But from time to time, he fails to suppress his old self and has been in “old Julius” mode lately.

Please keep the old Juju locked away.

) Bushy Green, Kagiso