The nation staggers from one crisis to another as the country is caught up in a blazing hellfire on a frightening scale and the unemployment rate stands at a shocking 29%.

At individual and social level, we are watching a tragedy unfold which no civilised society should tolerate. The different schemes launched by government have proved to be stale.

This economic tragedy can easily become a disaster and could serve to unleash a violent upheaval in our dangerously imbalanced society.

Unemployment leads to poverty on a massive scale and is a major factor in the increasing rate of crime in urban areas.

No one can afford to ignore the seriousness of chronic unemployment, certainly not our government, because when people express their frustration, the only solutions – which are bound to be brutal – will have greatly negative consequences for our country, its internal stability and reputation.

When the unemployed masses rise up, the social and political map of our country will be changed forever and the outcome of that massive battle will change our troubled nation’s demographics.

  • Farouk Araie, Joburg
  • High unemployment figures show that we do indeed have a huge economic battle to overcome. If things remain unchanged, the consequences may prove disastrous for the country. This letter wins R200. Call Nthabiseng to collect your prize.