The government says it’s going to ensure there are more rape kits at police stations.

This is only one link in a long-broken chain.

Ironically, statistics show that the majority of ANC voters are women, yet they bear the brunt of crime but continue to vote for it.

Why are opposition parties not attracting the female vote?

And how about punishing the cops who have not ensured that each police station has rape kits?

Don’t pay bonuses. The country is collapsing because every civil servant operates with impunity. We should reward success, not failure. This will send a signal to society to mend its ways.

And what does government do? It begs people, civil servants, protesters, men, truck burners and gangsters to mend their ways.

People will not mend their ways unless there are consequences.

In all normal societies, governments lock up criminals, not cajole them. And lock them up for many years, not one or two years.

The underlying problem behind the lawlessness in the country is culture and how we do things.

The looters at the top are still walking around and none have been arrested.

The Zondo Commission is only investigating the tip of the iceberg. What about investigating municipalities, SOEs and departments?

There are thousands of networks, not only the Zuptas. Democracy only works if one holds the ruling party to account.

  • Naushad Omar, Athlone