The crime wave against foreigners clearly shows that state security and crime intelligence are weak.

It can’t be that the state fails to dictate events in this country.

The violence is not only about xenophobia, which is just an unintended result of the economic problems the government has failed to deal with over the past years.

People who loot shops and attack foreigners are not doing so because they hate them but because they’re easy targets.

If our crime intelligence system was effective, the government would have dealt with this mess even before it began.

The government needs to step up efforts to ensure peace in our land.

It needs to enforce immigration laws to monitor foreigners and detect when they are trading in drugs and trafficking humans.

Police Minister Bheki Cele failed to take this matter seriously.

We need to help the government fight this evil and speak with one voice against crime and xenophobia.

Civic organisations should speak out with the same energy as when they were supporting Pravin Gordhan. We also need those who are sponsoring this to be stopped from so doing.

) Tom Mhlanga Braamfontein