There have been a lot of bitter comments about the preaching in many evangelical and pentecostal churches regarding prosperity.

Educated, clever people have labelled this prosperity gospel.

They are actually mocking Christians and disregarding what is written in the Bible.

This is exactly what the media and politicians want.

There’s much delight when Christians contradict each other in public.

It’s easy for people who benefited from a system of segregation, which favoured certain churches and races, to dismiss the quest by black people to prosper as “greed gospel”.

Prosperity gospel happened during apartheid, especially for most white churches that received state land and funding.

They, in turn, supported that demonic regime and its racists.

Government has failed to change the social conditions of black people.

Please continue to preach prosperity until our people are free from poverty.

Don’t listen to clever people whose intelligence has brought nuclear arms, global warming and all sorts of evil on earth.

  • Khotso KD Moleko