It is disturbing and disgusting to see how people dump used disposable nappies everywhere.

The disposable nappy problem is alarming.

The impact it has on the environment is devastating and has a negative effect on climate change.

Although such nappies provide relief to families who no longer have to wash reusable nappies, they present environmental problems.

There are no sustainable procedures to regulate the disposal of nappies.

These nappies pose serious health hazards. Women who throw them on the streets must face the law.

Why don’t they dig pits in their own yards and throw the nappies in there?

We also have children who play in the very same streets where these nappies are.

We must stop soiling our environment with used nappies.

This is one of the few things we can fix ourselves, instead of waiting for government.

  • Nelson Kgatla, Pretoria North