Our kids lack discipline.

As adults, we must admit that we are role models and these young ones look up to us.

They know nothing and learn every day from us.

It’s true that charity begins at home. These days, families are not stable.

Parents argue or fight in front of the children.

They sometimes disagree on decisions in front of kids.

Some parents use vulgar language when they reprimand children.

They no longer care about the kids’ education, health and social well-being. What’s even worse is that some parents spoil their kids with expensive things to settle scores against former partners.

This often leads to the child turning against the other parent.

This confuses children and lead them to do wrong things.

On the other hand, teachers are overloaded with curriculum work and don’t have time to engage with pupils socially and emotionally.

Social workers, nurses, sports managers and other relevant partners should be sent to schools and communities as part of social development.

Social grant to households, at this point, is just not enough.

Let’s push to grow this country for better

  • Kagiso Sedumedi