Every day is a new dawn, a chance to make a new choice.

There are two choices: either to build up and do good, or pull down and be hateful towards the people we are living with and the planet we are living in.

By the time the sun sets, you either are pleased or worried about achieving what you set out to do in the morning and sleep peacefully, or toss and turn all night.

Let’s choose to be ethical leaders.

That includes all of us and we should reinvent ourselves to do things that will benefit others and our surroundings, so we too can experience true wealth and joy.

Starting with others rather than yourself.

I am because you are and not the other way around.

We hope this mindset removes from our midst the poisonous “me generation” we so dislike and are witnessing at the Zondo and Public Investment Corporation commissions.

This would restore our trust in society.

) Thami Zwane Edenvale