It is disgusting to hear how government employees are doing business with their own departments.

This practice undermines good governance and the ethical standards within which government must do its work. This is unfair to people who want to do business with the state.

Public servants are involved in a wide range of businesses. It is wrong for people who get salaries every month to deny others an opportunity to do business with the government.

The practice has, in many instances, undermined the government’s ability to deliver quality services as the companies connected to public servants get business that are often not equipped to deliver.

It’s clear there is a pressing need for a change in culture in the public service if the country is to achieve the vision of a professional public service as stated in the National Development Plan.

No public servant must do business with the state. Strict discipline needs to be meted out to staff caught out doing business with the state.

  • Rachel Molema, Theresa Mews
  • Many people suffer through the greed of a few. The only way to stop this is to have systems that make sure people are caught and then to ensure they are punished properly for their crimes. Of course, the question is: why are these systems not in place already? This letter wins R200. Call Nthabiseng at our offices to collect. – Deputy Editor