Never underestimate the power of a burial society.

Death is untimely and some people are stingy. They only realise the importance of a burial society when they have a death at home.

Without a burial society, life could be difficult for anyone.

Some people frown when you talk about death. When you talk about this topic, they look away.

If people can afford to buy booze, surely they can afford monthly burial society payments. Death is costly and we must have burial societies.

Traditional funerals are a big affair. Even the poorest households spare no expense. Families must start saving for death because it may happen at any time.

Burial societies need to organise themselves to become more competitive in the economy.

They create employment in rural areas. Burial societies share our concerns. The importance of burial societies must not be underestimated. These local businesses are needed in our lives.

) Rachel Molema, Theresa Mews