Katale Square in the heart of Marapyane, Mpumalanga, is a beacon of hope. But what does this mean for small businesses?

The newly built shopping complex is a breath of fresh air for locals and residents of neighbouring villages. But has anyone asked themselves how this will affect local small businesses?

If what people say about the monthly rent of R3 500 to occupy a retail space at the square is anything to go by, then small businesses won’t qualify because they will be unable to make such an amount in a month.

This is particularly because of the high rate of unemployment in the area and the stories our people are being fed about big companies being the only ones offering quality products and service.

I now urge the mayor and local councillors to look into the matter of assisting small businesses in Marapyane.

They should provide them with skills to improve their businesses and generate revenue. Many of these vendors use the little money they make to pay school fees, feed their families and more.

) Anonymous