7 months ago

In her mirror she sees flaws. 

She thinks her nose doesn’t suit her or her thighs are too big! 

She sees herself as unattractive and feels that she will never be good enough.

Being a woman is a daily battle as the media constantly shows images of what the ideal female body should look like, leaving many women feeling depressed and hopeless. 

Research shows 91% of women are always on some diet to lose or to gain weight. A further 40% use skin lightening products to enhance their complexion. 

The biggest gifts you can give yourself are these:
- Education
- Self-love 
-Healthy eating habits
- Learn to say, “I LOVE ME”.

As a woman, prioritise your health over good looks as being beautiful comes from within. Find your balance in life as it will empower you to know your strength and power.
When you hold yourself to other people’s standards you will never get it right. Discover your passions and have the courage to go after them. 

You are worth it!
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