8 months ago

Hey MizzB

I am a 17-year-old girl living with her gogo.

I am a singer in the church choir. Our prophet has prophesied that I was chosen to be his second wife and we have been dating since. He spoils me with gifts and buys groceries for me and my gogo.

My problem is that he wants us to have sex before marriage and we don’t meet in public areas. What must I do?

- Girl Child

Hey Girl Child

Don’t let this man take advantage of your faith,

If he wants to take you as his second wife, he must do the right thing. You sound like a bright young woman who is destined for great things.

But you shouldn’t make the wrong decisions because you might end up ruining your future. There’s nothing more desirable in this world than a woman sets her own standards.

You must focus on your studies and live on your own terms. Send a Please Call Me to 083 323 1023or email mizzb@lovelife.org.za

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