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IN A COUNTRY filled with opportunities, there are still many places where myths about women are dominant.

Myths about a woman’s social standing make them vulnerable to abuse and oppression.

Myths are stories that people believe which are not always accurate or true.

They rob girls of an education, increase poverty and impact on a girl’s ability to strive for better opportunities and independence.


  • Domestic abuse is “discipline”
  • Women cannot be leaders
  • It is wise to make decisions for a woman
  • Woman cannot lead.


  • Nobody deserves to be abused. The abuser is responsible for his or her actions.
  • Woman can be anything that they want to be!
  • Your value in any partnership is equal to that of your partner.
  • Leadership is not gender specific.

Uyimbokodo. Stop underestimating your abilities by allowing stereotypes to restrain you. Within you is a sleeping giant that is waiting for you to take your rightful place in any field you desire.

Adopt a healthy self-image by complimenting yourself and other women for their achievements, thoughts and actions. You are beautiful and intelligent and are built to prosper. #iMatter 083 323 1023

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