8 months ago

Dear Mizzb 

I am a young, married mum whose child loves to throw tantrums in public.  I always give in and buy her what she wants to put an end to the drama. Lately I have noticed she is doing the same thing at school and church.  I do my best to ensure my child has everything her peers do, but my five-year-old doesn’t seem to be satisfied. She just wants more. 
-  Enabler 

Dear Enabler
Children are very intelligent.  They understand what kind of behaviour produces results and where they can act up.  Giving a child everything she wants destroys the sense of pride that comes from working hard to receive a toy or gift. How you react to the tantrums is encouraging your child to continue her behaviour.  Have you ever tried ignoring your child’s tantrums?  Loving your children does not mean you have to allow them to have their way all the time.  Teaching children they cannot have everything they want shapes them into adults who achieve their goals through hard work, instead of asking for handouts. 

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