9 months ago

Dear Mizzb

I am 19 years old and when I was six years old my stepfather molested me. My mother did nothing to protect me as we were poor. She used to say that impilo inzima, sizoya kuphi masisuka lapha (It’s tough out there).

My neighbours got me help and I went to live with my relative far away but my mother stayed with my brothers and sisters, who were fathered by my stepfather. My problem now is that I have no feelings for men. I am attracted to women and I am more comfortable dating them. Is there something wrong with me?

Dear Conqueror

I am sorry that you had to go through that. No one deserves to be treated like that by anyone.

People who were supposed to protect you failed to do so but you survived. Like most survivors, sexual abuse leaves behind a lot of emotional scars that constantly influence our decisions and lifestyle.

The most important thing that you have to know is that what happened to you was not your fault. You need to understand that not all men are monsters. Be careful that you are not dating women out of fear of the opposite sex. Call us and speak to a counsellor.

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