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Dear Mizzb

I’m 19 years old and my boyfriend is 27.

When we started dating six months ago, he seemed understanding and didn’t put pressure on me to have sex with him.

He later started putting a lot of pressure on me and I decided to do it.

We agreed that we would always use protection. The problem is when we have sex he removes the condom without telling me.

I’ve spoken to him and whenever he removes the condom I beg him to stop but he carries on even when I’m in tears and asking him to stop.

What can I do, because this is making me hate being intimate with him.

-  Woman Who Deserves Better

Dear Woman Who Deserves Better

What your boyfriend is doing is called sexual coercion.

This is when a person in a relationship takes away your power to decide how to protect yourself during sex.

This isn’t a healthy relationship. You need to stand up for yourself to protect yourself and your future.

There are various forms of protection and contraceptives available to you.

Unprotected sex affects young women more as they can contract HIV/Aids or left to do 70% of the work that needs to be done to raise a child.

Stand up to your boyfriend. You have sexual rights and you deserve to be heard. Your body and mind are priceless.

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