7 months ago

In a world where bullying is cruel, peer pressure is strong and kids are more aggressive even at young ages.

It is important to raise kids who will be able to assert themselves.

Young people are exposed to temptations such as peer pressure, sex, drugs and alcohol in their social environment.

As a guardian, stand up for your views even if they seem unpopular, but allow children to voice things in the home by giving them a chance to speak and be heard. Reinforce positive behaviour to show the child you value their opinions.

Give children opportunities within the home to take leadership roles to build self-confidence.

Try CALM assertion:

  • C – Stay cool. Assertive kids are cool
  • A – Assert yourself! Speak up against peer pressure or bullying
  • L – Look people in the eye. Eye contact makes you appear confident
  • M – Mean it. Use a strong firm voice when you say, “No!”

Teaching children to assert themselves is one of the most critical skills you can give them.

This empowers them to stand up for themselves in relationships and in their friendships. The biggest gift you can give to the world is to be yourself! #imatter

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