11 months ago

Parents can help their children with exam pressure.

Can you believe it is mid-year already?

Many young people are about to begin their exams. Increased pressure often leads to exam stress and overwhelming feelings of fatigue.

As parents you can protect your children from excessive stress by creating a structured environment.

Stress, although a natural reaction to pressure, affects the body. It can manifest in health problems, digestive problems, eczema and mental issues such as the development of panic attacks, anxiety or depression.

Be supportive by:

  • Agreeing on a balance between school work and social life – stick to the agreement
  • Encouraging your children to start studying before the exams
  • Talking to your kids about their worries and feelings
  • Limit their cellphone use and the time spent on chatting
  • Seek support from extra classes or tutoring
  • Avoid people who agitate them before exams
  • Healthy eating is crucial
  • Encourage your child to relax after studying.

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