7 months ago

Dear MizzB 

I’m 19 years  old and in a relationship with a guy who has a girlfriend. 
He asked me to be his friend with benefits. I agreed because I wanted to be in his life. I thought I could win him over but nothing has changed and I’ve only fallen deeper in love with him. He only calls me when he wants sex. What can I do to make him fall in love with me? 

- Princess 

Dear Princess

You are not in a relationship with this man. You are in love with the fantasy of what you want him to be. 
Your biggest mistake was giving your body to a man who is not invested in you. 
Allowing him to make you his booty call makes him lose respect for you as a woman, a girlfriend or a possible wife. 
You deserve to be with a man who will love, appreciate and respect you. 
You will only attract that type of man when you know your own worth as a woman. Uyimbokodo, own it!  Live it!

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