Last year

Dear MizzB

I am 15 years old and my boyfriend is 26. I am a very fat girl and a lot of children at school like to make fun of me. At home I do not get much attention. My boyfriend is very nice to me.

He buys me lunch and gives me money for whatever I want. He asked me to come to his place last week after my exam. When I got there he started touching me and I asked him to stop.

He said if I do not sleep with him it means that I was using him all along. I do not know what to do but I do not want to have sex.

- Concerned

Dear Concerned

You have put yourself in a very difficult position. Being a big-boned girl is not easy because of the criticism you receive from peers. You need to take pride in yourself. Your value is not shaped by what you look like or what kind of man you can get. You are as valuable as you see yourself.

Just because a guy gives you things, it does not mean he has the right to have sex with you.

You are worth more than what you are allowing in your life. The best way to teach people how to love you is for you to start loving yourself.

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