Bravo to eNCA for broadcasting the funeral service of our beloved gospel icon Lundi Tyamara.

Our so-called public broadcaster, the SABC was a no show, just as it was at Saba Mbixane’s funeral.

It is eNCA, which some claim is funded by so-called white capitalists, that makes it possible for us to witness saying farewell to our heroes.

Sfiso Ncwane’s funeral was broadcast live on SABC but why not Lundi’s?

Are some people more important than others?

I pity those who still depend on the SABC for information as it is no longer a public broadcaster. It’s a broadcaster for the few. Why should we pay our TV licences?

eNCA, you are the best!

People like me depend on you for accurate, reliable and uncensored news.

Banele Mpongwana