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WHOA, women have been shocking me
lately. You expected Shaka Sisulu stories? Well, I don’t know enough about the topic. I’m shocked by women. Because, as
mothers, aunts, sisters, nyatsis and wives, we should know our roles and what they entail.

I’ve been reading about hilarious things you lot get up to. I read about how Mr Gumbi’s nyatsi was
reportedly telling his kids about her pregnancy.

Never do that. Never be overfamiliar with your person’s children, family or acquaintances. Because when they want to know about your fertility, they will ask.

Then, I read about a Mrs Maponyane who lamented to cops about the sexual starvation enforced by her hubby. She claimed her hubby’s nyatsi called her to complain about his minute penis size – and I just had to laugh! Please, let us flourish without the details of your life, you should be a
respectable role model.

Wives, no one cares about your suffering, just like they don’t care about your joys.

Telling the world you are sex-starved at home makes you a joke.

Remember, you can always make a plan. There’s more to life than being pinned down on a table with your legs around his waist. What wives need to do is decide if they’re willing to stay married to serial cheaters. If they are, they must adapt.

Either get sex toys, a sex buddy, or entice your hubby and teach him how to make you scream. Just stop talking, okay?

Nyatsis and wives should know their place in
polygamous unions. After all, they agreed to be with a man with many women. Leave him or deal with it. But stop giving people details of your life. You’re not the first nyatsi or cheated-on wife to remember dignity.

If it’s not worth giving up your family and home to divorce a cheating husband, he should get his nyatsi to stay in her lane. The nyatsi should never call her married lover “dear”. She shouldn’t provoke the wife or make contact.

This reminds me of a popular nyatsi who was active in Port Elizabeth in the 80s. She would flaunt her married lover to all and sundry.

Fast forward to the present, and her bisexual hubby has many apartments for sex.

So stay in your lane, ladies! You’re part of a bigger picture, which means no one is starved.

Sanity prevails when folk stay in their lanes. We’re raising kids here, so maintain dignity. Whether you’re a nyatsi or a wife, respect yourself and the men you share. Just be a positive role model!

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