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WINTER is no time to stop being sexy in the bedroom, so stop resembling the Michelin man with all those layers of warm clothes, and keep it real.

Keep it naked!

Sure it’s cold.

The evidence includes your Eskimo-inspired slippers, vest, pyjamas, gown and an unattractive fluffy childish woollen beanie.

This is a look that should be confined to boarding school sleepwear or Grahamstown.

Your man is not your girlfriend, so make sure he always has access to skin – a thigh in a see-through gown, crotchless underwear and loads of massage oils.

Use that gown to lure him to your bare skin and never forget to try out the art of massage, a form of foreplay encouraged for those of us who lack the desire to swing from chandeliers.

Get some scented candles as well as non-scented massage oil.

The caramel- flavoured body massage oil is my fave – delicious to taste, great smell and light enough not to leave you greasy.

The kitchen has many delicious goodies to spice up your lust life: yoghurt, honey, ice cream, jam or cream.

And don’t forget the baby oil in the bathroom!

Look, in winter, start a sex campaign to inspire your man at home, hun.

Give him the works, darling.

Be delightful, intriguing, be sensual and mysterious, so that your sex is explosive – and you wonder why you wasted your winters in fleece onesie passion killers and tracksuits.

A picture of your panties always works when you’re on your way home to your beloved husband.

You’re an adult, you’re igniting passion.

Take off the panties and send him a picture of them to ignite winter passion.


Try strokes with the tips of your fingers, gentle and light like a feather, stroking his body from head to toe.

It’s a great stress reliever, which warms you up into other nocturnal frenzies.

Staying home in skimpy lingerie is recommended this winter.

The warmth and exhilaration are safer than outside, what with all the taxi strikes and natural disasters.

So, stay at home and maintain sexy this winter.

Make love while war rages on outside.

Stay home to be with familiarity, his smell, taste, his grip and his eagerness to please you, which instantly heats you up.

Stick to what you know.

If you’re not sure which lingerie works, remember, naked never fails.

Naked at home is better for your health and second helpings are encouraged.

Don’t bore him because you’re cold.

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