Last year

WHERE are the real men? No, not the ranting and delusional Kanye West who was recently hospitalised for exhaustion. Imagine King Shaka hospitalised due to exhaustion. Maybe the farther you get from Africa the bigger sissies they are. Exhaustion?

Did you hear about the rapper who was seen screaming at white women in Zara last week? The question is – where are the real masculine,
gruff-voiced, hard-working providers? Are they all in jail? Or are we stuck with the likes of that skinny, silly priest impersonator who loves spraying his congregants with DOOM in the name of God?

It’s so rough out there when you’re female. Most men are married and the rest are just plain weird. Where are the real men? The kind of man who buys you property instead of making you rent.

I don’t want a man to open doors for me, but to build one if there’s a door missing. Real men are the new black!

Then we have Yasiin Bey, aka “Mos Def” who has had to uproot his family as he was kicked out of Mzansi. Irresponsible man!

He should have applied for proper travel documents and not destabilise his family with his irresponsible lifestyle. We need focused men during the coming 16 Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women and Children. Real providers and protectors should step forward. And hey – women should champion the protection of women, as many of you can play the mbokodo better than any man.

Yes, women. Your archaic belief that conflict should be resolved through violence makes you as monstrous as any wife-beater. You can’t go around beating women because you are bigger and louder, Miss Savage!

Secondly, women should stop policing other women’s clothes. For you’re the reason men think it’s okay for them to police women. Sweet woman, stop calling your competition a whore, stop teaching men to hate us.

The responsibility of ending violence against women and children belongs to us all. When mothers raise sons who respect women, just watch the rape stats decline. Stop beating your daughters.

Stop lying about sexual assault, ladies! That’s cruel and karma will get you. If booze makes you wild and obnoxious, my Queen, stop drinking.

The 16 Days of Activism should also be time for introspection. Protect yourself from yourself. Don’t be a sissy like Kanye or Mos Def.

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