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South African journalist and television presenter Kuli Roberts. Photo: Gallo Images/The times/Daniel Born  ~ 

I PRAY for the day we, women, speak up and actually be heard.

A friend was recently threatened with jail because she wouldn’t give a bribe. Her car disc had expired.

Another female mate was led to jail in a convoy by a cop who disappeared in traffic, while escorting her to jail because she had refused to bribe him.

He had refused to fine her, and it escalated to an additional charge of driving while texting – all because she had retrieved the phone from the floor during the conversation with the same cop.

“Women are under siege” is becoming a common statement, so are incidents of rapes in the Toyota Quantum taxi, along with sexual harassment and unholy short men masquerading as pastors.

Take this Omotoso character, accused of kidnapping and human trafficking, among others.

More than 30 women are said to have been molested by this man.

Why are women not reporting these men who harass them? Why are we so scared?

We continuously take abuse from strangers and men at home.

It’s as if we’ve come to accept our hearts being broken all the time.

But that’s not right.

We should fight back!

I recently read about a woman who escaped further rape by jumping out of a moving Quantum.

She refused to take the horror of the gang rape – and ended up grazed but alive.

Stop allowing animals to kill your spirit.

Tell the office pervert his remarks are unappreciated.

Stop feeling guilty for protecting yourself.

Tell him “no”, and report the incident to HR.

We are nothing without the wisdom of our women in this “Boy’s Club” space.

And ladies, you have to be heard and seen.

Stop being lured by men with cash, as you should be making your own.

And stop picking up men in clubs and parties, the world is dangerous enough.

Stop trusting folk you see on TV, as they are strangers.

And love yourself, instead of giving the responsibility to others.

Always tell a friend your location. For safety.

Speak up, if you’re being abused and want it to stop.

Ensure you are familiar with your local police station’s number and 10111.

Learn self-defence, take nothing for granted and always be alert and aware of your environment.

Lastly, forget about 16 Days of Activism and look after women today.

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