8 months ago
Kuli Roberts  ~ 

I AM really not sure why people don’t just read the Constitution and stop annoying the delicious Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. Recently, he
presided over the secret ballot drama that would have been avoided if people read. 

Mogoeng, yes you know him. The chief justice so yummy you have to say his name twice! 

I watched, with delight, as he made millions happy reading his judgment. Some call him the people’s chief justice, and all I wanted to do was lick his
lower lip! 

Do you know how sexy a man known as“the embodiment of leadership” is? Not only known for his clean-shaven charming looks, he’s also supersmart. Someone even deemed him a “saviour of the people”. Another said: “Chief justice gives us hope and reminded us that loyalty to the Constitution is the most important.” 

I wonder if Mogoeng could read me the Constitution. He doesn’t have to reciprocat my lust, just keep winking. Yes, I think I saw a sign on Thursday! 

Wow, I’d love to show him what else is important. But let’s stick to giving you some truths about things I deplore. 

Firstly, unless you want to be known as the drunk in the picture, refrain from posing for pics at parties. Spend the first hour posing with everyone, but never smile at the birdie after the first hour. Because your appearance has changed if you’re a heavy drinker. Pics are later posted all over social media by friends who don’t like you. 

Secondly, have you asked your man why he’s always at the gym? He’s surrounded by scantily-clad women, great music, sweating and snack bars? It’s clearly a date he’s going on.

Gym membership should be blamed, as it’s so hard to get out of and yet so easy to get in. Check your man’s gym bag. If the towel has never dried anything, then you know I’m right. 

Ladies, perve on married men. But never touch them, as you don’t know where they’ve been. Ladies and gentlemen who bleach their skin as if it’s a vocation, please remember these products cause cancer.

Please, don’t forget you’ll never resemble any of your family members. Your pregnancy will also be a spectacle as your tummy won’t stretch to resemble and match your face. 

We don’t always have ConCourt judges to guide us, so be grateful for my tips. Guys, if you don’t believe your wife goes to the gym to perve on men, join it yourself. And if you know the location of the actual gym where Mogoeng Mogoeng works out, call me!

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