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CHIEF Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng should have been saved from chaos in Parliament on Thursday.

It’s unfair when good-looking people are exposed to pedestrian behaviour. I watched the yummy man looking embarrassed, like Mbeki in the gallery.

Embarrassed by security women who acted like rabid savages and beat breadwinners – when not stripping them naked.

Even in that crazy Parliament building he looked delectable. Granted, he was looking down, but even the top of that man’s head is lickable.

Smooth, clean and looks like it smelt of masculinity and strength! Honorable Willie Madisha and his beard were kicked out – but the ever-dignified Mogoeng stayed calm and watched proceedings with an expression that looked as if he missed me!

The chief justice slayed me in his gown, looking even better than the burgundy and feather-wielding Mangosothu, who seemed to play comedian for a second to disrupt the anger in Parliament.

Mogoeng watched proceedings attentively – as if practising how to remove panties with teeth.

And what goings-on! Adults swore at each other, people were threatened with dismissal, selfies were taken amid the noise by badly dressed women. None of this affected the handsome one as he watched.

Even Mmusi Maimane’s different startling accents couldn’t make me stop wondering if my chief justice was all right.

I’d have been on my way to comfort him, if a female security had beaten him – the same way as she was seen moering unarmed EFF members.

I watched in horror as our president giggled away, a feathered Mangosotho looked confused, and a dramatic Patricia de Lille ran away from pepper spray.

But Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was my main concern. What was he wearing under that judicial gown – a vest?

Why was he not asked to bring peace, to address the crowds and bring calm? We know chaos in Parliament will never stop until we are all free and the past is rectified.

I suggest the chief justice be considered to bring peace.

I love the law, and believe the chief justice can teach me a lot, slowly! I want to ask them to include him in the line-up next year. Let him shine!

Since we’re on the topic, Happy Valentine’s Day, chief justice.

Expect your flowers on Tuesday, jou lekker ding! I hope your wife feeds you your favourite meal.

Let’s all stop fighting and spread the love.

Like my love for the chief justice – he’s so HOT!

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