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CAN MOST men stop behaving badly?

It’s tiring – and young boys deserve better role models.

It was absolutely shocking to read about ravishing model, Rosette Ncwana, finding her house keys in her hubby’s alleged nyatsi’s handbag.

The sheer audacity of your stuff being manhandled by a girl who thinks hors d’oeuvres is a medical condition.

How could the husband, the man you married, expose you to his nyatsi and her germs?

I would get the house fumigated!

Then you have Rob Kardashian making a fool of himself by sending his ex-baby mama’s nudes to all and sundry on social media.

Just because he was cheated on and felt used.

Men – get a grip! Women are being cheated on as you read this, but you don’t hear of them acting like lunatics and drawing attention to themselves.

Don’t degrade yourself over a woman, nor degrade your wife.

When your woman cheats on you, never acknowledge your anger publicly, as no one cares.

Gentlemen, don’t be part of her debauchery, just move on and be great.

There are plenty of single women who will have you.

Men – there’s no need to get crazy when you discover your woman has been cheating on you with a young delicious-toned man.

Remember, it’s just sex and her cheating has nothing to do with how much she loves you.

Get a grip, grow up and decide if you are prepared to save your marriage or let a mishap erase decades of happiness.

A real man wouldn’t put his family in danger.

So Daddy, don’t give your nyatsi your house keys as it’s a family residence, not a hotel.

If you’re as rich as you claim, why not buy the must-have nyatsi her own flat and stop being cheap.

For security reasons, never give your nyatsi access to your home.

What if she decides to have the keys copied then has your kids slaughtered in their beds?

A real man looks to be best man he can be, and he always keeps the following thoughts in mind:

Don’t ask your in-laws for a loan, ever. It’s crass.
Never strike a woman, that’s barbaric.
Never send drinks to a table of stunning women.
Don’t compliment your woman’s friends.
Sex with an employee is a form of rape.
Drinking and driving is strictly for losers.
Unprotected sex is strictly with wives.
Never pay more on your car than on the bond.
Your family is your the priority and not the streets. 

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