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IMAGINE believing your vagina was so hot, you went as far as demanding payment for it?

Well, this apparently, does happen. I read about some minister picking up a girl at Cubana in Pretoria, only to be sent a barrage of demands for cash.

And for those wondering who this bold lady is, it’s Miss Modiba. It turns out she believes her honey pot is so exceptional, it should be paid for.

But the minister in question, prone to drama and buying strangers booze without provocation, paid her nothing.

I mean, what was she thinking? It’s common knowledge that men always know where to find hookers, porn, games and sex toys!

Look ladies, you might have your matric, extensions and twang. But it’s really not enough to be paid for anything.

That’s why you should stop demanding cash for mediocre sex – or any sex, for that matter – unless these were your terms of engagement from the onset . . . when you thanked “him” for the unsolicited bottle of Hennessy.

But not all is lost for the prostitute wannabe.

If you want to be paid for lying on your back, this is how to go about it:

  • Communicate that you want no love but hard sex for cash when he greets you.
  • Don’t pull an amateur extortion tactic like Miss Modiba, thinking it makes the man look like a villain.
  • Stand at a street corner, so men can find you.
  • Make fliers and consider T-shirts or a website, so it’s clear you are a seller.
  • Go online and join an escort service.

Anyhow, Cubana may be a place where average-looking men send out liquor, but it doesn’t mean they are desperate to pay for sex.

Men do also go out to have sex without a fee, you know! Sometimes, they even go to clubs to find people and network.

But trust me, they don’t confuse it for a brothel. So, don’t expect to be paid just because you are quick to drop your panties.

It’s sad that people felt the minister was cheap and should have paid the prostitute wannabe.

But I believe men should go to the cops when extorted – even if she is the fastest panty dropper of the year.

Men, not every female is like your mum.

The minister could have easily been accused of rape, if Miss-Pay-Me-For-Being-Average had her way.

Ladies, please stop being vague. Tell a man, if you want him to pay for sex – not everyone is selling. Free is how we roll!

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