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TURNS out folk were outraged when they heard about the many local banks that were rigging currency rates to make the poor, poorer.

Eish – ripped off by banks! At least it’s not the usual suspects, like medical aid schemes and dodgy motor mechanics.

People will rip you off, as they only care about themselves.

And they won’t stop, unless you make them.

Ward councillors and preachers who drive around in luxury cars while people starve – they are self-serving and show others no respect.

Sure, we couldn’t have stopped the banks’ dodgy rate-rigging collusion, but you can take action to stop the daily abuse and disrespect you have come to regard as normal.

Don’t get me started on the number of women who are raped.

You don’t shout so loud when mothers are ripped in half by rapists.

Ehrm . . . so go easy on banks.

Husbands who beat their wives to a pulp, then moan about corrupt banks – that’s hilarious!

We disrespect each other by looking down on people with less-shiny things. And you really expect banks not to use that to their advantage?

Your hubby will bring home diseases from his condomless escapades – and yet wena, you’re outraged about banks. Start at home! Your hubby’s accumulated belly disrespects you and your vision, so discourage it.

Respect yourself, if you expect the same from others.

Start expecting accountability.

Everyone is out to rip you off, Boo – the sooner you understand this, the easier it will be.

Retailers, who sell you cheap mass clothes every season, don’t care about quality, but you are supporting them.

Question everything – from bank charges to the hospice where your relative is dying – and remember: no one is in anything for you, but for themselves.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for you:

  • Don’t tolerate bad or slow service, as these are not favours you’re praying for – you’re paying!
  • Do something to help the less sexy or fortunate.
  • Call a manager if you experience bad service.
  • Get regular tests for sexually transmitted diseases – and stop being promiscuous.
  • Never allow your bags to be stored in bag counters, or submit to body searches by sleazy men in white shirts masquerading as security experts.
  • Don’t accept disrespect. And don’t be disrespectful yourself, as disrespect breeds disrespect. And never forget – banks were inspired by your attitude!

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