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South African journalist and television presenter Kuli Roberts. Photo: Gallo Images/The times/Daniel Born  ~ 

LADIES, you cannot be your man’s warden, it’s not your place.

Your place is to be his friend at all times.

You don’t grab phones from your friends, so why not let your man have a conversation in peace?

Wives and girlfriends who grab phones while people are talking should stop dating or marrying men who own phones.

Why not give him privacy during his call, instead of throwing chairs at him because you think he’s cheating?

One thing that escalates these childish disputes is booze. If it makes you do strange violent things, don’t drink it.

Reports of breadwinners abusing women doesn’t impress anyone.

It leaves a bitter taste, reading that so-called role models – are you listening, Arthur, Mdu and Zola? – are reportedly abusive.

And you thought they were inspiring!

If you can’t be inspiring, part ways. You could also try anger management classes, or speaking to relatives about your violent tendencies when not seeking guidance from a priest. Recognise that you are terrorising your family and stop.

Ladies, here are some tips.

Don’t start an argument after drinking.

Mix alcohol with a domestic disagreement, and you can end up in the Sunday papers.

Before you marry a celeb, check Google and his criminal record.

Stop marrying or dating people just because they are famous.

Look after yourselves.

Marry men with respect.

And I also have tips for the gentlemen who haven’t been so gentle lately.

You guys have to set examples, not because you’re celebs, but because you’re dads and human.

Cheating or threatening your spouses really impresses no one.

Zola, Mdu and Arthur – ask Donald in Denial how to treat a lady.

Zola, he’ll tell you that you don’t shove women out of windows.

He’ll tell you, Arthur, that fists never win an argument – they only make it more tragic.

And Mdu – be more like Donald, who never waved a gun and threatened to kill his wife.

You un-gentle men might be trying to solve avproblem through violence. No one is impressed, believe me.

Treat your woman with respect or move aside.

We have real men out there, like Donald.

Guys, here’s my advice: Always show her love. No abuse, just love.

The love we once had for some men who turned into monsters.

Protect your marriage, respect your families, and stay out of the papers!

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