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MY FRIEND was recently on holiday with her lover of five years in South America – frolicking and having a blast in the sun, in-between texting her sex buddy.

Women are trash too.

I keep asking her if her whoring doesn’t tire her.

I ask why she would cheat on a loyal man who loves her?

So what if he is out of work, it’s not as if he ever had a steady income beside yours.

Why are women so desperate to be validated?

I tell her life is simpler when you’re honest, so it’s best to leave one man for another and not alternate.

Ladies, here’s how you dump a man whom you don’t dislike, but want to be rid of.

Be honest and tell him, you’re just not into him.

Be blunt, then get a restraining order, as he won’t respond well and probably insist on a valid reason.

  • Say you’re into women and it’s non-negotiable.
  • Block his number, as men will beg.
  • Demanding marriage is an excellent way to get dumped. Or be clingy and flirt with his father.
  • Faking a pregnancy, knowing he is infertile is a surefire way of acquiring hate.
  • Fake death, as men will do anything for free sex.

But this is all avoidable if you stop rushing into relationships.

Stop dating fans, men with nothing to lose.

Stop dating men for validation, especially if they are perpetually unemployed.

Stop exposing your lovers to folk, as we will get bored with your annual “love living here”.

Stop dating or marrying men you hate as it’s awkward following you both on Instagram and being exposed to your “single” lives.

Don’t screw every man you meet – and consider friendships too.

Stop being desperate for marriage.

Remember those imbeciles who paid 5k for a husband at some function at Gallagher Estate?

I bet you 50k none are married.

Look ladies, your life will be fine, if you realise that you don’t have to have a man, especially if you’re going to cheat on him without releasing him.

Besides, cheating on your man can be so exhausting and time-consuming.

Be honest.

Stop creating fictitious getaways with the family or the girls.

That way, you won’t be wondering if he can tell you had sex last night.

Avoid awkwardness and you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing you’re not deceiving anyone.

Ladies, men cheat daily.

But you shouldn’t whore, as it can get you killed.

Your unemployed man knows he’s a hustler, and if you don’t like it, leave!

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