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South African journalist and television presenter Kuli Roberts. Photo: Gallo Images/The times/Daniel Born  ~ 

TO SPICE up our ever-dynamic lust life, my mediocre half thought it a great idea to create a Tinder profile – to “check if men find you desirable”.
Tinder is one of many sites over-18s from around the world join to find suitors.

Our aim was to see how it worked, while testing whether I’d be matched with breathtaking men.

An account was opened as Kuli Roberts, because we weren’t trying to impersonate anyone – and because we’re not social deviants, who assume identities to be relevant.

Hang on! Isn’t looking for attention from strangers online socially deviant behaviour?

Anyhow, with the account ready, we started searching for men, based on distance and age.

I’ll be honest, I was impressed to learn all private information was linked to one’s Facebook profile, making “suitors” traceable should the night turn violent.

Although it was exciting waiting to see what my possible match would be, it was also creepy to have easy access to men.

Hence, the informal introduction by friends or family will always be crucial to me. So too will the intensity of love at first sight – in the flesh.

But all things considered, I understand why one would use dating sites.

They’re convenient, like fast food joints.

And although it’s easy to meet hot men on Tinder, one should always be careful because they’re strangers, at the end of the day.

And despite seeing interesting and high-profile folk, whom I didn’t judge, I eventually deactivated my account.

Jealousy had suddenly gripped my better half.

Things to consider:

  • Your man opening a Tinder account as a joke never ends well.
  • Be careful, if going to strange places with strangers. It’s better to meet at central places.
  • Tell a friend about your location and Expected Time of Arrival.
  • Never meet suitors or matches in your own home.
  • Don’t make the mistake I made by gossiping with them about each other. They’re not your friends.
  • Consuming booze during the date should be limited or avoided. Ask about him before the date, as his Facebook profile is available to see. And remember, most people lie about their identity, so don’t be fooled.

Enjoy online dating, but remember, it never stays online. Look after yourself and never send nudes.

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