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SO, folks have been cheering Grace Mugabe’s alleged violence, saying: “Every African mother behaves like that, she had a right to defend her sons.”

Even Black First Land First apparently stands with Grace because she took measures she thought were appropriate to protect her sons.

But I disagree. No one has the right to be violent, especially when your adult sons need no protection from defenceless girls.

What we need to do as black mothers, Grace, is nurture young girls, not beat them with electrical cords.

And if that yellow-bone intimidated you, Grace, just say so.

Some people on Facebook bragged about their own violent beatings, branding Engel and millennials as “soft attention-seekers”.

They went on to add: “Nothing a good old-fashioned ass whopping can’t solve.”

Some even called Grace’s alleged violence “normal”.

But I disagree. Violence isn’t normal.

It wasn’t normal when Nonhle Ndala from Mzansi Magic’s reality TV show, Diski Divas, was beaten while pregnant, nor was it when Mrs Marks Maponyane was assaulted.

Beating up people isn’t normal behaviour, ladies. And no one cares how educated, rich or poor you are.

Assaulting with intent to do grievous bodily harm is not normal.

Ensure your violent past doesn’t affect others: 

When you cheat on your husband, don’t blame others for your demise.
When you sleep with other men besides your husband, insist on your lovers wearing protection.
When you find children drinking in a hotel room, you never have a right to abuse them – as you’re not a child-beating coward.
Your role, as a woman, is to be human first, not to let money and status get to your head.
Lead and never believe you are above anyone.
Beating up defenceless girls is like the husband who punches his wife where no one can see. Stop it.
Treat other humans as if you are related with kindness, respect and nurture, Grace.
Admit it when you are wrong.

Whether it’s ectopic pregnancies, period pains or menopause, stop acting like monsters, ladies.

And give our girls a chance, so they can live long enough to enjoy a Woman’s Month without barbaric old-aged women making a nuisance of themselves. 

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