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I don’t last long in any of the relationships I’ve had in the past. Is it me or is it them? The longest relationship I’ve had lasted only a year. Is something wrong with me? What can I do about it?

BEFORE YOU TRY TO LAST IN ANY RELATIONSHIP, you need to establish a connection and level of understanding with a person you get along with. But first you need to love yourself.

Lasting is only the last phase of any union. Go in with the hope of finding a companion, not a lasting gig, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!


Hello Khanyi, I’m the father of two lovely girls and I just found myself a lovely lady after the mother of my kids passed on. She doesn’t have kids of her own. She’s 28, I love her and she wants a baby.

I often tell her I’m prepared to have another baby, but only once we are married.

She always gets upset and moody whenever she sees my baby’s picture.

Is she putting me under pressure or am I being unfair?

CONDOLENCES TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, SIR. Women are territorial and we love to feel a sense of belonging, especially when it comes to the men we love. As you had mentioned that you have two daughters, she may feel like an outsider and by having a baby she may feel like a part of your life – not only by association but by relation as well.

You’re not being unfair and she’s not putting you under pressure, she’s just trying to mark her territory and share something with you that represents your love.

Do all you can to reassure her and tell her how much her being a part of your life means to you.

KICK IT!! It’s not that bad.


We have been together for one year and six months now, and I’ve caught my boyfriend cheating three times already! And yet he claims to love me – and now I’m pregnant! Please help, I really love him.

YOU CANNOT BE IN LOVE WITH A MAN WHO DOESN’T LOVE OR RESPECT YOU. If he cheats, there’s a lot wrong with him, not you.

When a man loves a woman, he won’t cheat or do

anything that can cause his better half pain.

You need real love and a serious review of what your expectations were when you first met.

Lose him, he’s a loser. KICK IT! HARD!

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