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My sugar mama is jealous!

TOO MUCH SEX writes:

My boyfriend is addicted to sex. I don’t know how tohandle it. What should I do?

COMMUNICATION IS THE ONLY TOOL that can lead to understanding and happiness. Sit him down and explain how you feel, but try usingoperative words like “I suggest” and “it would” instead of “you must”. Straight talk has neverdestroyed any relationship. If he loves you, he’ll appreciate you. KEEP IT!



I’m in love with a woman who is older than me. She’s so jealous, she’s called every female contact on my phone. If I tell her to stop, she says she won’t do it again. This thing is making me love her less. She chats with many male friends and ex-boyfriends but if I complain, she turns nasty . . . should I leave her?

YOU NEED TO REVIEW YOUR RELATIONSHIP and try to identify what led to her having trust issues and insecurities. Once you find the root of the problem, it will be easier to help her relax. The more comfortable she is, the happier you’ll be. Women love deeply and we’re fragile. Her nastiness is not from a bad place – she may fear losing you. As for her exes and chats, talk about it. She may not be aware of it. KEEP IT!


NEW DAD writes:

In 2013 I found out I have a 10-year-old son. This is a blessing to me because I lost my dad in 2012. But the mother of my child is using my son to get to me. We weren't ever an item and I don’t want to separate my son from his mum. I’m scared for my boy because psychologically it affects him. Earlier this year, his mum claimed I assaulted her. I slept in jail, but later she dropped the charges. I made it clear there will never be an “us”. I provide for my boy, but what stresses me is that she won’t stop using him to get to me. What must I do to ensure my son has a stable future and that I can get to know him better?

CONGRATULATIONS FOR FINDING YOUR SON and giving him hope for a better life! Brother, kids are very intelligent, even though parents may fight and try to destroy each other in the eyes of the child. They know who loves them and who doesn’t . . .

Continue doing your part and loving him. It may not be easy but in the long run, your efforts will serve you well. You and his mum need to discuss how to protect him and give him a peaceful childhood, free of your past, as he wasn’t there.

He’s a child and only needs your devotion and love. Find a way for both of you to be involved in his life without jeopardising his growth and peace. KEEP IT!

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