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Hi, Miss K. My boyfriend is white and my parents don’t like that. They say our relationship is doomed and won’t work. They think it’s unnatural and they say we don’t belong together. I really love him, but don’t want to hurt my parents. Do you think we’re doomed?

IT’S SO SAD WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE under so much pressure! Our parents sometimes forget that we are of them but we don’t belong to them, that as much as we are their children, our journeys are unique and personal.

Their role is to guide us and not curse us in the process. What you need to do is have a word with your parents and ask that they explain what they really mean by “doomed”. They can’t just say things without valid reasons.

Once that’s established, you’ll be able to make a solid decision about what you want. Remember, this is your journey. In the end you’ll have to live with yourself. KEEP IT! Your parents won’t marry you. 

IS MY MAN GAY? writes:

Khanyi, my guy and I have been together for two years. From the beginning I saw he was like a woman in many aspects. He doesn’t dress like one but he does womanly things when he talks or walks. He’s very neat and loves fashion. My friends say he’s gay and will leave me for a man. How do I know?

AHH . . . THE RISE OF THE METROSEXUAL, FEMININE GUY! Firstly, you are blessed to have a neat man in your life and a man who enjoys looking good and taking care of himself, girlfriend.

I hear what your friends say, but even a caveman can leave you for someone else one day – that’s the risk we all take when we choose to love someone.

The big question is: How do you feel? How does he treat you? When you discuss the future, are you included in his plans? He can be as soft as cotton wool but if he makes you feel good and loves you, mute out the world and KEEP IT!


My girlfriend goes out a lot. I’m not always invited and can’t help but worry that she’s cheating on me when she’s out with her friends. She comes home drunk and doesn’t want to have sex for a few nights after parties. Does this mean she’s getting it somewhere else?

WHEN WOMEN USE PARTIES AS AN ESCAPE, we’re usually trying to fill a void in our lives, and yes, she could be cheating. But the only way to find out is to sit down with her and tell her how you feel. Give her the opportunity to express herself. KEEP IT!

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