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HE’S HIV-POSITIVE and took my virginity


Hi Khanyi, I have a husband who is currently not working. I’m the only one who works, yet he complains that I order him around every day when I get home. What should I do? I really love him.

OH BOY! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO OUR MEN? Lately, they seem to be failing at work and struggling to provide. It’s never easy for any woman to stay calm when all the responsibilities are hers.

Women are created to nurture, love and support their husbands. There’s so much you can do about this, as you did make a vow to stand by him for better or worse. This is the “worse” part.

It’s important that you encourage him and help him remember who he was when he married you. Help him tap back into himself and his abilities.

KEEP IT! This is the part that validates your union.


Hi, sisi Khanyi. I’m a young lady from KZN who will turn 24 soon and I have a boyfriend who is 27.

I’m a student and currently doing my internship at a hotel. That’s where I met my boyfriend. He broke up with his baby mama because he saw me and liked me. At first, I didn’t like him at all, but those feelings changed and became love.

So when the baby mama found out we’re dating, she started calling me and threatening me to stay away from “her man”.

I stayed away from him for a couple of weeks, but then we got back together. The problem is, she told me he’sHIV-positive. I was shocked because I slept with him without a condom and he took my virginity.

So, after hearing that, I broke up with him. He admitted that he is indeed HIV-positive. I was so stressed! I went to the doctor and got tested myself, but the results came back negative. He kept calling me, asking for forgiveness. So now, I’ve taken him back and I love him with all my heart. Am I doing the wrong thing?


I know how beautiful love is and how it gives any woman a reason to live, but at the same time, love should be lovely, not forced, and less cloudy.

There’s nothing you can do regarding your man’s baby mama as that is his responsibility.

If he loves you, he should manage this situation and it shouldn’t affect you.

If you live under threats and you have no protection from your partner, then he’s not doing his duty in protecting you.

So what makes you think he would protect you from any illnesses and viruses?

You’re too young to be considering such major decisions. You’re educated and have the opportunity of a great life ahead of you. Marriage should wait. Enjoy your independence and tap into your true potential.

He doesn’t deserve you. KICK IT! Lose him, he’s a loser!

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