IT seems zama zama criminal activity won’t be ending anytime soon.

This is evident in a video in which a group of men – with sand dunes in the background – wave pistols around while singing.

One of the eight men in a circle can be heard saying: “Nna ke Mosotho, empa ke mo Gauteng” (I’m Sotho, but I’m in Gauteng).

Most zama zamas are members of the hot-headed Marashea vigilantes, whose origins can be traced back to Lesotho.

This angered social media users, who blamed Police Minister Bheki Cele, saying he should focus on real crime instead of worrying about them drinking.

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They even labelled Mzansi a banana republic!

  • Lebo Lebogang said: “Too much freedom. When we say they must spring-clean our country bazothi we’re xenophobic.”
  • Refentse Mangope wrote: “Eish! Shame! And he’s highly effective and active on alcohol than such violent crimes that involve illegal weapons, robberies, murder, rape, scams etc. He’s tiring man!”
  • Zintombi Lembethe said: “This is heartbreaking and disgusting. What can we say because the minister of police is busy with alcohol and busy making noise about things that don’t matter while there are people running around with illegal firearms.”

Police spokeswoman Lirandzu Themba said: “While we can’t comment on this video as its origins and context cannot be verified, the assertions that the police are focused on alcohol and not fighting violent crime couldn’t be further from the truth.

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“Let’s remind social media users the minister doesn’t make arrests. There are 190 000 capable officers who’re hard at work each day, ensuring law and order is maintained.

“They make hundreds of arrests daily, and many cases are before the courts each week due to their work,” she said.

Daily Sun has published articles exposing zama zamas as illegal mining syndicates.