NGO Blackboard Africa wants women to learn to defend themselves.

The organisation, co-founded by Amonge Sinxoto, is hosting My Sister’s Keeper self-defence classes at The Market Theatre in Joburg on Saturday. The classes will be facilitated by women instructors from IKKO, an international ken bu kai karate organisation based in Houghton, Joburg.

Amonge (18) is a first-year BA student at Wits University.

She was named one of the 33 influential Global Teen Leaders for 2019 by We Are Family Foundation. She told Daily Sun that as a student who travels to varsity alone every day, she sees the need to learn how to defend themselves.

“We’re always eager to help women and I thought we should host these classes.”

She said the response has been positive and 105 people will be attending the classes.

“We need to keep on praying for change and also learn how to defend ourselves.

“I haven’t experienced any type of assault, but someone broke into my home a while back and it was seen as one of those everyday things,” said Amonge.

“I have come to learn that it is better to be prepared for such situations,” she said.

Amonge said they want to host events which will deal with issues affecting women and to involve men in the conversations.