AFTER a woman discovered that she is married to a man she doesn’t know, she wants the matter investigated and resolved.

Lydia Mchunu (59) from Chesterville in Durban, KZN, said she has been single most of her life and she’s shocked to discover that she has a husband that she’s been married to for 16 years.

She told Daily Sun that she discovered this marriage last week.

She said she had applied for an RDP last year.

“I had told the human settlements department that I’m not married. But they came back to me last week and told me that on their system, it states that I’m married.

“I was shocked because I’ve never been married to anyone in my life,” she said.

She said on Thursday she went to Home Affairs offices in Durban to report the matter.

“They also told me the same thing. I then asked them for a print out of the marriage certificate. It stated that I got married in 2004 to a man called Hany Ahmed,” she said.

She said it stated that she got married in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, but she doesn’t know the man and has never been to that province.

“I don’t understand how and when this happened. I’ve never lost my ID because if I had, maybe I would think that someone got hold of it and used it to marry me to strange person,” she said.

She said she needs Home Affairs to resolve this matter.

“I am afraid that this will cause problems for me. Should I die now, maybe my child will not be able to bury me because of this. I don’t know where to find this man so he could explain how he did this. I really need help.”

The Home Affairs KZN provincial spokesperson, Cyril Mncwabe, said the matter will be investigated for possible resolution.