LUCAS Jobe’s wife goes to church every Sunday, but recently he learnt she did more than worship.

She and the pastor have been poking for over eight months.

"The pastor has always been there for me. He listened to my problems and gave me good advice."


The 43 year-old from Springs, Ekurhuleni, told Daily Sun a woman from the church told him about it last month.

“I didn’t believe the woman. I confronted my wife and she denied it at first, but she confessed after a long argument.

“I’m disgusted. They went to church early and poked before the service and after.”

Lucas wondered how the pastor could preach knowing what he’d done.

“I wonder how it felt for my wife to sing and read the holy book knowing what she’d done before church. They’re evil.”

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Ntombizodwa (40), whom Lucas has since left, told Daily Sun: “Please tell him I’m sorry. All I need is a second chance.”

She said she didn’t love the pastor.

“The pastor has always been there for me. He listened to my problems and gave me good advice. I got tempted when we spent time advising one another.”

She said Lucas was always busy.


“He’s always away. When he comes home he’s tired. On weekends he’s with friends. It got too much. I didn’t plan to cheat on him.”

Called for comment, the pastor told the SunTeam he didn’t know what we were talking about before hanging up.

Lucas’ uncle, Jomo Thabethe (89), said it was a family matter and they were trying to resolve it.

Lucas wasn’t interested in fixing things and wanted help to get his lobola back.