Sooner or later South Africa will be like other impoverished countries such as Burundi, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

We destroy our own property and resources through acts of pure thuggery.

Imagine looting medical institutions while we are still battling the merciless pandemic.

Indeed we failed to prove PW Botha wrong. He declared in 1988 that we cannot rule ourselves because we don’t have the capacity to do so.

He said that those of his colour should give us guns so that we can kill each other.

He also said that should we get power to govern, we will embezzle state money.

Black man, you are on your own, as Steve Biko declared.

It’s a big shame to see people, especially in Gauteng and KZN, looting all in the name of someone who allegedly stole money meant to uplift the poor.

We have really embraced morals and behaviour below those of beasts.

Shame on us!

- Letter by Samuel Radebe, Heilbron