THE  entire world has been gribbed by the coronavirus and gatherings are not allowed.

India as the world’s second most populous country is no different and it has more than 18 000 deaths and over 600 000  cases.

But two families decided to take a risk and have wedding and now the groom is dead!

International news sites report that a  wedding with over 350 guests took place in Patna in the state of Bihar two weeks ago on June 15.

The groom 30 year-old,a software engineer had been sick with Covid like symptoms even at his wedding and he died two days later.Now 95 guests have tested positive for COVID-19.The wedding was on June 15 and was attended by over 350 guests in Paliganj, 50 km from Patna.He was however cremated without being tested for coronavirus.

The Hindustan Times report that the  groom was reportedly unwell and his condition further deteriorated during the wedding ceremony. He had diarrhoea and was being treated at a hospital in Patna. But his family reportedly forced him to take medication and continue with the ceremony. It is reported that the bride has tested negative for Covid-19.Patna's District Magistrate Sri Kumar Ravi received an anomymous call and tracing of contacts began.

The  government said that the guidelines were blatantly flouted by the family who went ahead with the wedding despite the groom manifesting COVID-19 symptoms.

Globally the virus has claimed more than 500 000 lives and more than 10 million infections.