AFTER Samkelo first met Latoya at a beautiful Sunday church service in 2016, the couple have finally tied the knot and are happily married.

And their wedding only cost R75!

Samkelo Khowa (25) said he told Latoya (25) he wanted to marry her every time he got the chance.

Latoya first thought he was a playboy, but as time went by, she realised Samkelo was different. “He was a God-fearing man and I liked that,” she said.

Latoya and Samkelo began dating and today are Mr and Mrs Khowa.

The couple from Vereeniging did not spend much on their wedding. “Nothing hurts like having a flashy wedding for a day and living with debt for the next three to five years,” said Samkelo, adding they paid only R55 for a marriage certificate and R20 to release it.

He said there were a lot of people who wanted to get married but couldn’t because they were always thinking of what people would say.

Samkelo said he started saving to pay ilobolo when he got a permanent job.

“I sent my uncles to her home in December last year and paid ilobolo.”

He said they then had an engagement celebration at church, where they exchanged rings, which were also not expensive. He spent R1 300 on his bride-to-be’s ring and R350 on his own.

“We are both happy and debt free.”

He said their plan was to buy a big, beautiful house and have many kids.

Latoya said it was important to keep things simple. “We would be stressed had we taken out loans. People we would have tried to impress would be in their houses enjoying themselves.”

She said getting married at home affairs was the best decision ever.