* An earlier version of this story stated that Joubert was a twasa. These reports from multiple publications have been disputed. Daily Sun has learned that the images of Joubert in what appears to be traditional Xhosa attire reflect a Heritage Day event. It is alleged now that Joubert and his victim, Anele Hoyana, were conducting a cleansing ceremony at Joubert's venue.

A raging white man calling himself 'prince Majeke, the king of Africa', killed a sangoma on Saturday.

WHAT was supposed to be a cleansing ceremony, turned into in a horrific scene of death.

Videos of farmer and thwasa Fritz “Majeke” Joubert, 45, went viral on social media after he filmed himself ranting about being the chosen one, before killing Anele Hoyana (40).

In the first video, sangoma Hoyana can be seen kneeling down in Joubert’s house while Johan was standing outside the house carrying a knobkerrie and issuing deadly warnings. 

He then points to Hoyana through the glass door and says “Everyone thinks I am mal, but I want to show the world who Satan is..."he sits there...this is Satan".

Joubert said that while pointing at Hoyana who appeared not to be bothered at the time.

He then tells him to sit down because he was going to punish him…"I’m telling you, I’m going to moer you…I’m going to close the door of hell for you".

He continues: "No one wanted to listen …no one wanted to help me, so I’m going to do it on my own…Viva! the prince is here, prince Majeke, the King of Africa".

In the second video, Hoyana can be seen lying lifeless on the ground, while Joubert calls Hoyana’s wife to come and ‘kyk’.

Joubert is seen beating Hoyana’s body repeatedly while telling his disturbed and screaming wife: “P**s, kyk, kyk ... Viva, Viva”.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the deceased cousin Themba Rumbu (25) said that his cousin Hoyana, who is a sangoma had gone to the farm to perform a cleansing ceremony when an argument began between him and his client.

Joubert killed his Gobela on Saturday

Hoyana had gone with his family (wife and two kids) to the mlungu’s farm.

When the argument began, his client lost his cool and a fight began.

Daily Sun learnt that the cops were called to the scene and the mlungu resisted arrest.

He fought for a gun with an officer and the police shot him.

He died at the scene.

DispatchLIVE quoted cops saying that numerous phone calls were made by Joubert inviting neighbouring farmers to come and drink with him shortly before midnight.

According to the publication, one of the videos was shared by one of these guests, and it was they who notified Bluewater and Gonubie police.

The publication also shared a picture of Joubert on his knees, head bowed, in traditional Xhosa regalia with a strap of blue beads around his neck.

Police confirmed to the publication that the fatal beating at Geluksdal farm, Brakfontein near Gonubie, and added that one of their officers shot and killed Joubert in self-defence after the thickset power line contractor attacked him in the early hours of Saturday.

East London police spokesperson Captain Hazel Mqala told DispatchLIVE: “It is alleged that the farm owner, a 45-year-old male was with his sangoma friend and wife and two children who were residing temporarily on the farm, were socialising together in the early hours of Saturday when an argument came up.”

She said the argument escalated into a physical fight, which moved outside the house to the deck. “The farm owner assaulted the 40-year-old male friend with his fists and a rifle butt, resulting in the victim sustaining severe head injuries. When the police arrived they found him lying on his back with numerous head injuries, already passed on.”

She said police were investigating a case of murder and kidnapping, and the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) is investigating the killing of Joubert in a separate docket.