Several taxis and two cars were set alight in an alleged violent attack in Gqeberha on Wednesday, 13 October.  

In a statement, Colonel Priscilla Naidu said a motor vehicle accident between a taxi and an Audi in Durban Road in Korsten ended in taxis/cars being burnt and damaged.  

“It is alleged that at about 14:00 this afternoon, 13/10, a collision between the abovementioned vehicles took place. It is further alleged that the driver of the taxi alighted and started to assault the driver of the Audi.   

“Businessmen in the area immediately came to the assistance of the Audi driver. The Audi driver got into his vehicle and drove further up the road where his vehicle stalled. A group of taxi drivers attacked him and set his vehicle alight,” Naidu said. 


She said a retaliation between the businessmen and the taxi drivers ensued resulting in a total of 8 taxis being set alight, 2 taxis damaged and a civilian vehicle also set alight.    

“All the taxis were stationary at the rank. No one sustained any injuries.  

“Police have opened a case of public violence. No arrests affected,” she added.  

Naidu said the situation is still tense and police are on high alert and will remain in the area monitoring the situation.