SEEING a video of a water tanker emptying water on the side of the road sparked uproar.

Most parts of the northern KZN have been terribly affected by drought.

And when some residents spotted a water tanker emptying the water on the side of the road in Pongola, northern KZN, they were angry and took a video.

The men then posted the one minute and eleven seconds long video on social media.

In the video, the men who recorded the video are heard saying, “niwachithelani amanzi (why are you spilling the water). One of the men who were found emptying the water tanker is heard responding, “imoto ifile” (the car is broken). The men who were recording the video then asked “if imoto ifile niwachithelani amanzi? (if the car is broken, then why are you spilling the water?). We are going to expose you”.

Pongola resident Thembeni Mkhize (37) saw the video.

He said these people must be dealt with accordingly.

“Everyone knows that there’s a shortage of water in northern KZN. How did these fools decided to just throw away water like this. This is very wrong,” she said.

Another resident, Khumbulani Mthethwa (43), said these men should’ve delivered the water to the villagers instead of being emptied on the side of the road.

“Seeing so much water thrown away is heart breaking.”

The video was shared on social media until KZN Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC Sipho Hlomuka saw it.

Hlomuka has called for answers following the circulation of this video on social media platforms.

The MEC has requested the Zululand District Municipality to explain this incident which comes at a time when the province is dealing with the after effects of a gripping drought that has decimated water resources in the province, especially in the Zululand district.

“I’m expecting a detailed report from the district which will detail the circumstances of this incident and the relevant sanctions that will be taken by the Water Service Authority, should any wrongdoing emerge from the investigation,” said Hlomuka.