A 93-year-old madala complained to his landlord about flooding and water damage in his unit.

But when the landlord failed to attend to madala’s problems, he walked into the management office of his apartment complex armed with a 9mm handgun.

In the video, Madala Robert Thomas of Vista Del Valle Apartments in Las Vegas, US, can be seen addressing two employees, one seated behind a desk, the other standing. Thomas then pulls a chair out, seemingly asking the man to sit as he coolly reaches into his coat and draws his weapon.

The man sits, and the woman at the desk stands.

Cops told Washington Post that the woman was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher at the time and Thomas was hurling verbal threats at the two apartment employees.

Thomas fires his first shot away from the desk, at a half wall in front of a bank of computers, where a third person is sitting.

Madala Robert Thomas

For the next 30 seconds, Thomas talks to the man before firing a shot into his lower body. The man falls from the chair, and Thomas sidles over and stands next to him, looking down for another half a minute before raising his gun again and firing a second shot into the man’s leg.

The 93- year-old man was brought to court in a wheelchair and needed headphones to hear the judge.